Dog Daycare

Are you searching for a Kelowna dog daycare facility that can provide a safe, fun and positive environment for your best friend(s), while you’re at work or play? At Woofy World, we have built our business and reputation on creating loving and comfortable surroundings for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Our dog daycare service allows for all of our special guests to relax and enjoy their time in our numerous play areas, alongside other dogs that are boarding with us. To ensure your dog’s comfort and enjoyment, and because dogs are naturally social animals, we integrate both our dog daycare guests and our boarding dogs together for their social playtime, throughout the day.

Dog Daycare: Typical Day

6:30am:  This is when we open up for the day for doggy daycare drop-offs. If you would like to request an earlier check-in then please give us a call and we will see what we can do.

6:30am – 12:00pm: Guests enjoy a great day of playing outside with brief periods of relaxation indoors. The small dogs have the use of a 400 sq/ft indoor playroom as well as the outside area, so the small dogs will spend time in and out depending on who is in for the day and what the weather is like.

12:00pm: This is usually the time when all guest dogs take a break and enjoy an afternoon nap.

1:00pm – 1:30pm: All of our guests are woken up and enjoy an afternoon mix of relaxation and playtime. Smaller dogs can also take advantage of their 400 sq/ft indoor playroom, as previously mentioned.

5:30pm: Checkout time for all dog daycare guests, time to go home and get some rest so that they can come over and play again another day! If you would like to check-out after 5:30pm then please give us a call and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Dog Daycare Guidelines

Time spent outside is determined by the weather for the day, as we insist on protecting all dogs from the elements. If it is very hot, very cold or raining, then outside time is made shorter so the dogs are still able to take a potty break but are not in weather that is uncomfortable.

Our dog daycare guests are typically not fed a meal; however, if you would like to bring their food, then we can feed them at lunch or dinner. All dogs that have a meal are made to stay in their kennel suites for at least one hour after all meal times. This allows time for our guests to digest their food. It also greatly reduces the risk of their stomachs turning because they are playing too hard with a full stomach.

When dropping off for doggy daycare, please be sure to check-in with us so that we can obtain any additional information that is needed for the day. Dog daycare charges will be due before you pick up your dog. In order to make daycare more affordable and efficient at pick-up, we do have punch cards available.