Vaccination Requirements

At Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, your dog’s health and safety are our utmost priorities. To maintain a safe and healthy environment for all our guests, we require up-to-date proof of vaccinations before your dog’s stay.

Updating Vaccinations: To ensure the safety of our furry guests, we kindly request that all vaccinations, including the 4 in 1 Vaccination (DAPP – Distemper, Adeno Virus/Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza) and the Bordetella Vaccine (kennel cough), are updated at least one week prior to your dog’s stay. If the vaccines have expired for more than 15 days, please consult with your veterinarian to learn when your dog is safe to enjoy a kennel and daycare facility. This precautionary measure is essential to create a secure and healthy environment for all dogs in our care.

Puppy Vaccination: We understand the excitement of welcoming a new puppy into your family. For the safety of young puppies and the well-being of all our guests, we have specific guidelines for puppy vaccinations.

When It’s Safe for Puppies: Puppies are most susceptible to diseases in their early months of life. To ensure their safety and the safety of other dogs, puppies should not visit our facility until they have completed their initial vaccine series. Typically, puppies receive their first series of vaccinations, which includes the DAPP and Bordetella vaccines, at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age.

We recommend consulting your veterinarian to determine when your puppy is fully protected and ready to join our canine community. The health and well-being of all our guests are of the utmost importance to us.