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We Are Woofy World Kenels & Daycare

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, our mission is rooted in a lifelong passion for dogs.
Founded by dog enthusiasts Hayley and Marcel in 2006, our kennel and doggie daycare business was built on a deep love and respect for our four-legged friends. We believe that every dog deserves to be surrounded by love, care, and a safe environment. Our mission is simple: To provide exceptional care, love, and support to your beloved pets, just as we would for our own.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision for Woofy World Kennels & Daycare is to be more than just a kennel and dog daycare facility. We aspire to create a home away from home, a place where dogs can thrive, play, and forge lasting connections. We see a future where every tail wags with joy as they arrive at our doors.
Our vision is clear: To continue fostering strong bonds, happiness, and well-being in every dog that graces our facility. We envision a world where every dog’s life is enriched by the
experience of Woofy World.

Our Values

At Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, we stand committed to our mission, dedicated to realizing our vision and guided by these core values. We look forward to serving you and your furry family members with love and care, creating a home for all who walk through our doors.
Love for Dogs: We deeply cherish and respect dogs. Their welfare and happiness are at the heart of everything we do.
Safety and Security: We prioritize the safety and security of all dogs in our care. Our facility is equipped to provide a secure, comfortable and loving environment.
Lifelong Bonds: We understand the power of the human-animal bond. We strive to build lasting connections between dogs and our dedicated team.
Professional Experience: With years of experience in handling dogs, our team is highly skilled in ensuring your dog's well-being.
Community Engagement: We aim to create a welcoming community of dog owners, sharing the joy and challenges of dog ownership.
Honoring Hayley: In memory of our beloved co-founder, Hayley, we carry on her legacy by upholding the values she instilled in our business.

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