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This is the official response that castanet asked for but never posted in it’s entirety. As per our lawyers advise we will not be commenting outside of this or on social media. Our lawyers say that social media slandering and bullying is best handled by no response.

We do ask that any of our customers that would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to place things back into reality.

Official Response:
We at Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, regret that Morgan was injured while he was in for a play date with us. However, as most of us that have been around dogs for any amount of time know, when playful and overly energetic puppies go out to play, in rare cases there are accidents. This is one of those unfortunate cases.

Part of all playing for puppies while they are here, or at any other kennel or dog park, is learning how to interact in a pack (group) environment and how to be respectful of other dogs, their ages, and willingness to play. Although, Morgan is young he was doing generally well with playing and learning, while pushing the boundaries of both play and respect, as do almost all puppies of his age.

We as people have to realize that these are dogs, and they do not have the same social protocols that we as humans do. When we as humans have differences of opinions then we are able to talk it out. Dogs do not have these protocols they go about it in a different way, and they use their claws and teeth to solve their problems. 99% of the time these solutions do not result in any kind of injury, but sometimes they do.

We as people, also have to realize that “dog children” do not play as our “human children” do. Dogs play with their teeth and their claws. This type of play sometimes will end up with scrapes and punctures due to over enthusiasm and what the “dogs” consider fun. As puppies grow into teenage and eventually into adults these type of incidents will become more and more rare, as the dogs will learn how to control their wrestling and excitement of a day playing with friends.

As the owners of Morgan where told there was no dog fight at the kennels the day that Morgan was in. So what happened to Morgan was either a boundary (respect) lesson or an overly energetic play time accident. After the incident Morgan was not at all bothered by what had happened. He took the incident as a learning experience and continued to enjoy playing with other dogs as he had been doing all day.

We here at Woofy World are very proud of the fact that we have very few dog fights here due to our ability to maintain and control our pack environment; however, as with children in any playground there can and will regrettably be times when accidents happen.


We thank everyone for their continued support and loyalty.

Marcel & Hayley Frigon



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