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These are a couple of pictures that we received from our foster dog’s new owner. We are very pleased to hear that she is doing so well, and we would like to wish “Honey” a happy one year adoption anniversary, with many more years to come.

Honey came to us through Paws it Forward Dog Rescue and spent four months with us while waiting for her new home. While she was here she came out of her shell, and stole our hearts. We miss having her around but we are glad to see she is enjoying life with a wonderful new owner.

Please remember that we do not post any pictures of our guests to the web for five to seven days after we take them. This is so that if someone finds your pet on one of our sites they will know that it doesn’t mean that your house is currently empty. So if you are looking for your dog on Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin, please know that we are taking pictures of them having fun, and we will be posting them so that you, your family and friends will be able to see them and their friends at Woofy World.

Thank you,
Staff and Management


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