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An added service that we offer at Woofy World Kennels & Daycare is our grooming service. Why not book your dog in for a spa service so that he looks and feels beautiful on his departure?

If you request a bath for your dog during his/her stay, this service would include a brush-out, hand fluff dry (we do not believe in crate drying) and ear cleaning. We also offer nail trimming for our guests that require a pedicure.

Your dogs comfort is our primary concern. We do not use any sedatives on your dog. We believe in giving lots of TLC, especially to those dogs who are very nervous and new to the whole grooming experience.

At Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, we pride ourselves in offering a superior clean, loving, gentle, and stress-free environment. Our overhead lighting, and light coloured interior finish provide a bright environment for our precision grooming.

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Our grooming area has been designed to offer much comfort to your dog. Our custom designed hydraulic grooming tables are adjustable to various heights which allow us to be more precise with our grooming.

The products that we use are all high end, and our shampoos and conditioners are all natural. We carry a large variety of grooming and bathing supplies needed to suit your individual dog’s needs.

Prices for grooming vary depending on the breed of dog, condition of coat and service requested.

Nail Trims: $14.00  Ear Cleaning: $12.00