All dogs will receive daily playtime. During this time, they may play various games such as fetch the ball, tag or tug of war, or they may choose to have some extra cuddle and relaxation time. In addition to our individual kennels, we have inside and outside exercise and play areas for your our guests to enjoy. If you would like your dog to socialize with all of  his/her new found friends then this can be done all day during the various play times. All of our guests get out five to six times a day for play times from fifteen minutes to hours on end. The time that they will spend in the outside play areas is dependent on the weather. If it is excessively hot or cold then outside time will be closer to fifteen minutes, but if the weather is nice then our guest will get to play outside for most of the day. We do have a short mandatory nap time during the middle of the afternoon so that our guests get a break from each other. We have found that this alleviates any misunderstandings that might arise from our guests being over stimulated all day long. We assess each dog that comes to the kennel to make sure that he has adequate social skills to socialize with other dogs. For the protection of all of the dogs, any dogs showing behavior problems will not be permitted to socialize with other dogs, but will still have outdoor playtime, in one of our separate areas.

Our Large Dog Areas

Large Dog Play Area

Outside Play Area – Large Dogs

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Our big dogs have a number of different areas to play in. The main area has two lean-tos and one gazebo so our guests will be able to get some shade or shelter from the weather. We have also installed a deck so that there is something else to play on. This has been the start of many a game of king/queen of the castle, as well as a good area to just lie down and enjoy a beautiful day. In the summer this deck will also have a misting sprayer on it so the dogs will be able cool down and have some fun in the water. We have also installed a sand pit with play sand in it, so when your dog is digging (for buried gold) they will not get thoroughly muddy. We find that after digging in the sand pit almost all of the sand will just fall off of them before they even get in from outside.

Our Small Dog Areas

Indoor Play Area - Small Dogs01_framed
Indoor Playroom – Small Dogs                  Outdoor Play Area – Small Dogs

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To see more photos of our Small Dog Outdoor Play Area, click on “Outdoor Play Area“.

Our small dogs have two main areas to play in. One is a four hundred square foot indoor play area that is equipped with a fireplace, toys, shag rugs, hammock  beds and chairs to lounge around on. Even with all of the places to sit around and hangout there is still more than enough space for the more active of our guests to run and play. The second main area is the outside play area which has a nice gazebo, as well as hammock beds to hangout on and toys to play with. Most of the time outside is spent running and playing –  there seems to be nothing more fun than a good game of catch or tug of war. For our less active senior guests, time can be spent relaxing in comfort and getting some extra pets from our Woofy World team.