Outdoor Dog Kennel Areas

Dog Kennel KelownaDog Day Care Small Dog Play Area

Our outdoor dog kennel areas feature seven to eight foot high chain-link fencing around the entire perimeter (seven foot in small dog area, and eight foot in big dog area). In areas where the fencing is not also reinforced by a four foot high retaining wall, the fencing is secured by three rows of cinder block buried underneath, so your dog will be secure and safe during its stay with us. The outside areas also feature shelters and gazebos so that your four-legged friends are protected in all weather conditions. We have also installed a sand pit in the big dog area for those dogs on the eternal quest for buried treasure. For more information on the outside play areas, click here.

Kennel Environment

Dog Boarders Kelowna Dog Boarders Kelowna Dog Boarders Kelowna

Our building is electronically climate controlled; both heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer, allowing a comfortable year round environment for our guests. Most of the floors in our facility are made from porcelain tiles with epoxy grout. This allows us to keep a clean and sanitary environment for all of our guest’s enjoyment while they’re here. The walls in the dog’s areas are either tiled or lined with FBR board. These substrates have a zero absorption rate which ensures a high standard of cleanliness in our kennels. The dog kennels are built out of porcelain tile, epoxy grout and FRP board so that they can also be cleaned completely by simply sanitizing, scrubbing and pressure-washing during your dogs stay, and after each guest checks-out. For more information on our large or small dog suites, click here.

Canine Nutrition

Our facility also has a full kitchen so that we are able to accommodate all the dietary needs of your dog. We provide Lamb & Rice kibble for our guests; however, we will accommodate your dog’s own food if you would like to provide it. If your dog requires an elaborate diet, such as salads or precooked veggies & meat, we’ll require that these are prepared and, where needed, pre-portioned for check-in. If your dog is on a raw food diet, our fridges and freezers are available to accommodate their specific needs. All raw food will need to be divided into meals size portions (if possible) before check-in. We recommend that you bring enough food for your stay plus an extra two days worth, just in case you are unexpectedly delayed.

Dog Kennel Services

We also have full laundry services so all of our bedding, blankets and mats can be thoroughly cleaned in a timely manner. We work to ensure that all of our guests are able to sleep on clean bedding every night.  This will include washing any of your provided bedding when needed. If you would prefer that we don’t wash your bedding, simply let us know.