Dog Kennel Suites

Our building is temperature controlled; both heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, allowing a comfortable year round environment for our guests.
For our large dogs, we provide comfortable individual beds which are slightly raised above ground. If our guests do not like these beds, then we will provide them with comfortable alternatives, such as memory foam mats, fluffy blankets or dog beds.

For our small dogs, we provide a dog bed which is placed on top of a large shag bath mat. If you prefer, you may bring their favorite bed for them to sleep on while they are here (all bedding or cloth toys must be freshly laundered and not used before they can be accepted into our facility). Your dog’s comfort is of great importance to us, to ensure that he/she has a happy, enjoyable stay.

All of our dog kennel suites are cleaned and sanitized throughout your dogs stay, and after a guest checks-out, while all the hallways and common areas are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. This ensures that our facility is always clean, sanitary and safe for all of our guest’s enjoyment. In addition to the individual dog kennel suites, we have exercise and play areas for your pet. For more information on the play areas and play time, please click on “Play Areas”.

Large Dog Kennel Suites:

Large Kennel Suite - Woofy World Kennels & Daycare

Our luxurious kennel suites are constructed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.  The floors of the kennel suites are all covered in porcelain tiles with epoxy grout. This completely seals the dog kennel floors allowing zero absorption, so if there are any accidents in the rooms, they can be easily sanitized, scrubbed and pressure-washed to bring them back to brand new again. The floors are also built with a slight incline; not enough for the dogs to be uncomfortable, but enough to have any accidents drain away. This way, if our guests have any accidents in the night they do not have to lie in it all night.

Most of the rooms are also divided with a solid wall that extends half way along the dog kennel, so if the dogs need some privacy, they can hang out in the back of the room, or pull their beds forward to hang out with their buddy next door. The other half of the wall consists of heavy gauge stainless steel wire mesh. This gives our guests the ability to be as friendly or as solitary as they want to be.

The walls of the dog kennels are covered in either porcelain tile with epoxy grout again, or FRP board. Both of these also have zero absorption, which make the walls just as sanitary as the floors of the kennels. Portions of the walls in the large dog rooms are filled with heavy gauge stainless steel wire mesh. This makes the rooms more secure and safe for all of our guests. To view more photographs of our  “Large Kennel Suites”, please visit our “Photo Gallery”.

Small Dog Kennel Suites


Tango kennelOur small dog kennel suites are located in a 400 square foot room. They are lined along the outer edge of the room, which allows the dogs to look in on the large indoor play-area. Each of the small dog kennels are large, veterinarian style kennels. They are all lined with a plush, shag bathmat and then topped with a dog bed, giving our guest a plush and comfortable place to rest and sleep.

Even though the small dog kennel suites are comfortable, our guests do not spend that much time in them. The small dogs are only in their kennels when they sleep, eat and go for their short afternoon nap. The rest of the time they are either in the indoor play-area or playing outside in the yard.

To view more photographs of our “Small Dog Kennel Suites”, please visit our “Photo Gallery”.