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In loving memory

For those of you that don’t know. My loving wife and life/business partner Hayley has passed away due to complication from cancer.

She fought a long and challenging battle with a very aggressive and stubborn strain of breast cancer. The fight started back in 2015, and we thought we had it beat after the first rounds of chemo. Unfortunately after what seemed to be a insignificant reprieve we found out in September 2017, that it had come back to her liver and bones, we tried both western and alternative methods of treatment, but as it turns out we were not able to do what was needed in time.

Though out this entire time Hayley was always positive and certain that she was going to beat this horrible disease. She was one of, if not the strongest people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She always met the challenges of the disease head on, while at the same time doing her best to making sure that our children and I were not neglected. She did not let this disease rule her life and she always made efforts to make sure that she continued on with life on her terms.

We will miss her immensely and wish her all the best in her new adventures on the other side. All the best to our loving mother and my fantastic wife.

This is the official response that castanet asked for but never posted in it’s entirety. As per our lawyers advise we will not be commenting outside of this or on social media. Our lawyers say that social media slandering and bullying is best handled by no response.

We do ask that any of our customers that would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to place things back into reality.

Official Response:
We at Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, regret that Morgan was injured while he was in for a play date with us. However, as most of us that have been around dogs for any amount of time know, when playful and overly energetic puppies go out to play, in rare cases there are accidents. This is one of those unfortunate cases.

Part of all playing for puppies while they are here, or at any other kennel or dog park, is learning how to interact in a pack (group) environment and how to be respectful of other dogs, their ages, and willingness to play. Although, Morgan is young he was doing generally well with playing and learning, while pushing the boundaries of both play and respect, as do almost all puppies of his age.

We as people have to realize that these are dogs, and they do not have the same social protocols that we as humans do. When we as humans have differences of opinions then we are able to talk it out. Dogs do not have these protocols they go about it in a different way, and they use their claws and teeth to solve their problems. 99% of the time these solutions do not result in any kind of injury, but sometimes they do.

We as people, also have to realize that “dog children” do not play as our “human children” do. Dogs play with their teeth and their claws. This type of play sometimes will end up with scrapes and punctures due to over enthusiasm and what the “dogs” consider fun. As puppies grow into teenage and eventually into adults these type of incidents will become more and more rare, as the dogs will learn how to control their wrestling and excitement of a day playing with friends.

As the owners of Morgan where told there was no dog fight at the kennels the day that Morgan was in. So what happened to Morgan was either a boundary (respect) lesson or an overly energetic play time accident. After the incident Morgan was not at all bothered by what had happened. He took the incident as a learning experience and continued to enjoy playing with other dogs as he had been doing all day.

We here at Woofy World are very proud of the fact that we have very few dog fights here due to our ability to maintain and control our pack environment; however, as with children in any playground there can and will regrettably be times when accidents happen.


We thank everyone for their continued support and loyalty.

Marcel & Hayley Frigon

It has been a while since we updated everyone on what is happening with our staff here at Woofy World.

We would like to wish Madi a farewell, she had decided to be closer to her family in Vancouver and has moved down to the coast. We wish her all the best in her future down there, and thank her for her time here with us.

For most of you that know Adam, it will be of no big surprise that he is now taking the role of manager for us. We have been pleased with Adam’s work for some time and are happy to move him into this new role. We will still be in and around the kennels on a daily basis, but now we will be getting some help with some of our work load.

We have also welcomed two new employees to the Woofy World family, and they fit in nicely with our philosophy and practices. We are always sure to look for people that will be able to provide our four legged guests with the care and love that they all need and deserve.

Our first new addition is Ami. Ami comes to us through a dog grooming training program. She is apprenticing under Hayley and looking to become a great groomer, paying attention to the extra details that will set her apart from the rest. Having been around the kennels with the grooming Ami quickly decided that she would like to become part of the kennel team as well, and is now working in the kennels as she goes through her apprenticeship.

Our second new addition is Nicole. Nicole comes to us from a family that has always been around dogs. Her father, a dog trainer, used to train guard dogs and has passed on the understanding and awareness to Nicole. Her awareness coupled with her love of dogs makes Woofy World a great place for her to start her own career in the dog industry.

If you see them, please feel free to say hello and help us to welcome them into our extended family.

As some of you will already know, we are making improvements to our big dog run. The week of Jun 23/2014 will have Rene and his crew from SYNLawn in to install the artificial turf for our big dogs to run on. We are also taking advantage of this time to expand the existing run so that the big dogs will have even more exercise room. This extra room will form an area that can be sectioned off in case we have some guests that need some space of their own. We anticipate that this area will be open to the pack the majority of the time and only sectioned off on occasion. We have also upgraded our guests sand pit. We have put walls and a bottom so that they are not able to dig into the dirt and clay that is underneath it. The clean sand adds to the artificial turfs ability to keep our guests and your family member cleaner. Yes cleaner. So when you pick up your furry family member they will not be all dusty and dirty (unless they came that way 🙂 ). The turf will also help us keep them cooler on the hot Okanagan summer days, and in the winter we will be able to employ the use of  a snow blower. The removal of snow will mean that the dogs will not have to play and lie down on the snow or ice.

We, here at Woofy World Kennels & Daycare, are extremely happy and pleased that we have finally been able to make this improvement to the big dog run. The little dogs have been enjoying Artificial turf for over a year now and love it. We are sure that the big dogs will find it just as enjoyable.

Thank you,

Owners & Staff
Woofy World Kennels & Daycare

(Click here to view SYNLawn website)

Feb 222We have expanded our team here at Woofy World and we are very happy to Welcome Taylor. Taylor brings with him experience as a pet sitter and from raising labrador puppies. He will be working for us part time as he pursues his nursing degree at OC. Taylor is a very calm and compassionate person which is shown through his energy with the dogs.

This is Jaxon, a shih-tzu cross terrier mix approximately two years of age. We had the pleasure of caring for him for a few days while he was recovering from his neutering. He is a very loving little guy who has lots of fun and spunk to his personality. He will be available soon for adoption from “Paws It Forward Dog Rescue” and will be looking to find his forever home.

Jaxon 1

Is your dog’s kibble multi-coloured or a shade of brown? If it has bright colours in it, it’s probably pumped with dyes to look more appealing to us the consumers, while being harmful to your dog. Foods that have a rating of four or five stars are categorised into the “Best Dog Foods”. We feed Kirklands Lamb & Rice formula here at the kennels which falls into this category.

Check out how your dog food rates at this very informative website.


Stanley Birthday PictureWe hope that you have a fun-filled, tail wagging day!

We are happy to announce that our “Yelp” profile page is up and running. We are also offering a 10% discount on Boarding and Daycare when you “check-in” with us on Yelp when you check your dog in with us.

This offer is not available on $12.00 Tuesdays Daycare special. However, if you “check-in” with us for doggie daycare on a Tuesday you will be eligible to receive the $12.00 Tuesday Daycare special.

If you would like to check out our Yelp profile page(http://www.yelp.com/biz/woofy-world-kennels-and-daycare-kelowna), we would be happy to see the traffic. From there you can read all about us, “send to friend”, “bookmark” or “write a review”; we always welcome any reviews that you would like to leave.

Thank you,

Woofy World Kennels & Daycare
Management and Staff

Please remember that we do not post any pictures of our guests to the web for five to seven days after we take them. This is so that if someone finds your pet on one of our sites they will know that it doesn’t mean that your house is currently empty. So if you are looking for your dog on Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin, please know that we are taking pictures of them having fun, and we will be posting them so that you, your family and friends will be able to see them and their friends at Woofy World.

Thank you,
Staff and Management


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