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We were invited to attend some seminars on the benefits of natural solutions to pet health. We thought that some of our guests and their parents/owners would be interested as well. All of the proceeds from the seminars are going to be donated to the BCSPCA, so it will be a win win for everyone.

Here is the information:

Through October and November, Dr. Jason (from Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital) and friends’ innovative alternative medicine seminars cover hot topics like raw food diets, herbal medicine, clicker training and healthy senior pet aging.


Natural Pet Health Seminar Topics

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014: Top 10 Tips for Keeping your Pet Healthy, Naturally
Tuesday Nov 4, 2014: Herbal Medicine – Plant Power for Natural Pet Health
Monday Nov 10, 2014: Clicker Training 101
Tuesday Nov 18, 2014: Raw Pet Food – What’s the Scoop?
Monday Nov24, 2014: Senior Pets – Healthy, Happy Aging for your Best Friend

All seminars are 5-6pm at
Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, 2720 Richter Street, Kelowna 778-478-7088

Register here: http://pandosyvet.com/pages/natural-pet-health-seminars

Alex website pic larger

We would like to welcome Alex to our team at Woofy World Kennels & Daycare.

Alex is a true animal lover with a bubbly, lovable personality. Her mother started a kennel and grooming business in Quesnel before Alex was born, so Alex has had the pleasure of being involved with the business since birth. At her mother’s kennel, Alex was accustomed at handling over sixty-five dogs in house, plus thirty-five sled dogs.

Alex ran sled dogs (Alaskan Huskies) herself, plus she also skijored (which is where you have skis on and hook the dogs directly to you). She participated in The Mail Run in Barkerville and multiple races in Ft. St. James.

She is a confident pack leader and the dogs adore her.



Woofy World SPCA event

Congratulations to April Anderson, winner of a $50 Gift Certificate and Prize Package from Woofy World Kennels & Daycare at the SPCA Paws For A Cause Walk and Fundraiser.

Every year, the SPCA helps over 40,000 animals in need of care, medical treatment and support. The BC SPCA currently receives no provincial or federal support. The abused and abandoned animals they rescue depend on your support!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause.

Rocco and Roxie

This is Rocco (Black Lab) and Roxie (Beagle) and they are looking for a forever home. We have had the pleasure of them staying with us for the last six months and they are great dogs; however their owners have abandoned them and we are now looking for someone to give them a loving home. They have been a family for most of their lives and we would like to have them go to the same home if it is possible.

If you are interested in having a couple of great companions to share your home with, please give us a call at 250-764-4579 or email at info@woofyworldkennels.com


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of the staff and dogs at Woofy World Kennels and Daycare. We wish all of our guests and their owners the very best in the coming year.
We would also like to take this time to thank everyone for their patronage and for giving us the pleasure of caring for all of your four legged family members.

Please watch for Christmas Pet Portraits to be posted in the next few days on our social media sites.

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Christmas Tango

Angel's Animal Rescue Logo


Angel’s Animal Rescue is a fully incorporated Non-Profit, Registered Charity. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals, mostly dogs from all over BC that have been abandoned, severely neglected and abused. These animals will receive veterinary care, will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and tattooed. We have between 30-50 dogs at all times that reside on 27 acres in the mountains of the Sunshine Valley in the interior of BC. While in Angel’s care all of the dogs learn to be dogs again;  to love, to trust, and to interact in a healthy and social manner. Once they have recovered emotionally and physically, we seek loving new homes for them.

Anita Merlo is Angel’s Animal Rescue representative in our Kelowna area and would love to help anyone out with any questions that you have about dogs for rescue or the organization itself. You can get in touch with her by visiting Angel’s website.


Website: angelsanimalrescue.ca
Email: danita1(AT)shaw.ca, (replace “(AT)” with “@” in order to email)
Angel’s Phone: 250-378-5223


wwk_avitarObviously we are talking more about the effects of chocolate more than the other candies that we as humans love to enjoy on this Easter weekend. Please remember that although we are usually most concerned about chocolate there can be many other toxins on the wide variety of other candies that are now available to us and our kids.

A lot of us still feed our pets the occasional piece of our chocolate bar (power bar) or chocolate chip cookie; I personally saw this last week out side of a coffee shop in our area. Even though our pet does not show any immediate signs of being poisoned, chocolate in any form is a toxin to dogs and should not be fed to them. If you find that your dog (like my sister’s beagle) has found his/her way into the kid’s top drawer of their dresser and helped themselves to a good portion of the Easter loot then here are some things to watch out for.

Signs of poisoning (from chocolate or other substances):

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea (these two are usually the easiest to spot)
  • Increased Thirst and Urination
  • Slowed or Increased Heart Rate (this can be dependant on the stage of the poisoning)
  • Hyperactivity and/or Restlessness
  • Muscle Tremors and even Seizures

If your pet is showing these symptoms, and is not getting better then you should get in touch with your veterinarian. These are the people that know your dog’s medical problems, and will be able to best inform you on what to do.

Some things to think about in order to prevent this from happening:

  • When hiding candy for the kid, make sure that it is hidden in an area that you dog is not going to have access to until the kids have found all of the goodies. Take a moment to look over the area and make sure that all of the candy and chocolate has been found.
  • Inform everyone in or visiting your household that your pets do not get to eat candy or chocolate of any kind.
  • Make sure that the “loot” bags are kept in locations that are not accessible by the family dog. (in my sister’s case she has them locked in the Beagle proof upper kitchen cabinet)
  • These are just some things that may help over the Easter weekend, but ultimately you are the best judge of your dog and know their behaviors. This is the best defense for keeping your four legged family members safe, not only from the toxins that are found all around us, but from everything. Just ask yourself: if I leave that there will my dog eat it. If the answer is yes then move it, or take measures to keep your dog from getting around it.

Here is a toxicity level chart that I found on line. After looking at a number of other charts and information in a variety of locations on the web (All of which differ a little here and there. I think this is the easiest to understand).

Toxicity of Chocolate on Dogs

Type Description Amount to Harm Dog
White chocolate Not actually chocolate Usually not harmful
Milk chocolate In candy bars 1 ounce per pound of dog
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, etc. 1 ounce per 3 pounds of dog
Dark chocolate candy, chocolate chips, baking 1 ounce per 4 to 5 pounds of dog
Unsweetened In squares 1 ounce per 9 pounds of dog
Cocoa Powder Less than 0.10 ounce per 5 pounds of dog
Cocoa bean mulch Sold for gardens 2 ounce per 50 pounds of dog

Chart from: http://dogs.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Can_a_Dog_Die_from_Eating_Chocolate

We hope that this helps, and that you and your furry friends have a great Easter weekend.


Happy Easter,

From The Management and Staff

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