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With the government slowly lifting social gatherings, there will be changes to our policies and our daily routine to help keep our staff and customers safe.

If you or anyone in your family is sick, please do not bring your canine companion to daycare. Continue to practice physical distancing and keep a good personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly. We want to help keep everyone safe during these difficult times.

Please review our changes:

– Our office door will remain locked, only staff is allowed inside the kennel at this time. Ring the bell or Call (250) 764-4579 if no one is in the office to greet you.
– Payment options:
o Debit/Credit machine in the courtyard
o Credit over the phone
o Punch Passes
– All touched surfaces in the courtyard will be sanitized after each customer, please allow time for staff to clean up if you are waiting in the parking lot.
– If you’re sick or self-isolating please refrain from booking your dog with us.
– Please be patient, only one staff member will be working at a time for now, and wait times may be longer than average depending on how busy we are.


– Staff are staggering time slots to better ensure social distancing and to help with wait times as much as possible. In order to best serve all customers please do your best to stick to your drop off and pick up times you selected at the time of booking. Please call us if you need to change your time.
– Only one customer is allowed in the courtyard at a time to continue social distancing measures. Hand sanitizer will be provided for your convenience.
– If you would like to arrange for us to drop-off/pick-up from your car please call us and we can arrange something.
– The last pick up time is 5:30PM for the time being, if you have not picked up your dog they will be boarded for the night.

New Tuesday Deal Daycare Procedure

– The first 15 dogs that book with us will receive the Tuesday deal, any dog who books in after will be charged the regular Daycare amount.

These new procedures are being monitored and may change depending on the situation as it progresses. We will do our best to inform all customers when these procedures change so that we can keep each other safe.

Kind regards,

To all our valued customers.

Due to the recent events with the Covid-19 virus, to help stop the spread of this virus and keep both our staff and customers safe, it has been decided by management, that Woofy World will temporarily be closing.

As of, Wednesday March 25th, 2020 Woofy World will be temporarily closed.

We have tentatively scheduled to reopen on Monday April 20th, 2020.

This means we will not be taking any boarding or daycare during this time.

If you are an Essential Worker and need assistance with the care of your dog while you help those in need. We will be available to help. Please email info@woofyworldkennels.com

If you are a customer who buys dog food from us do not stress. Please email info@woofyworldkennels.com and we will set up a time for you to stop by and grab food.

Our management team will be available to answer any questions or concerns over Email or Facebook.

All the staff here at Woofy World wish for everyone to stay safe and keep your spirits up during this troubled time. The health and well-being of both you and your canine family member means a great deal to us.

Kind regards,

Archie- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Archie- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Have you ever heard of the Princess and the Frog, a story of Prince charming who was turned into a frog. Will if there was a story of him turning into a dog this handsome fellow would be the perfect match. Archie may be one of the smallest dogs that visits but he has one of this biggest personalities. Charming, playful and full of spunk, he really knows how to impress the ladies. He is a staff favorite not only for how cute he is but also because he is so fun to play with. Always happy to chase the other dogs around and play fetch (even if the ball is almost the same size as he is). This little Prince Charming has won the hearts of the staff as well as the pack; he is a perfect fit for Dog of the Week.

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Tazz- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Tazz- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

When you first see Tazz he is a bit of a timid boy but once he gets to know you he opens right up and becomes an adorable, fun-loving boy with a gentle soul. He always tries his best to make friends with every dog in the yard and never wants to stop socializing and playing around. He has a one of a kind personality and thrives on love; he demands attention and will follow you around until you give him some pets. Tazz holds a special place in our hearts and with this he has earned this spot of Dog of the Week!

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Thor- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Thor- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Thor is the exact definition of a gentle giant. He loves to play and run with dogs of all sizes, from mini labradoodles to big Newfoundlanders, just as long as they will play with him. Thor is a playful goof and he makes our day more interesting and full of laughter. He doesn’t realize just how big he is and will take any chance he can get to try to be a lap dog and cover you in slobber. Congratulations Thor, you won Dog of the Week!

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Rhea- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Rhea- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

This girl has been coming to us for a long time and she is definitely a joy to see coming in our front door in the mornings. Rhea is a girl with sass and she isn’t afraid to show it! She’s the Queen at roughhousing and lives up to her breed’s name by Boxing with the best of them. This girl is fast and will always be up for playing chase, but only if she is doing the chasing. She is always looking out for the rest of the dogs and enjoys greeting the new comers. A very well behaved and calm girl, Rhea is the perfect fit for Dog of the Week.

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Parker- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

A member of the Woofy World Labradoodles, who has been coming to daycare since she was a little puppy, Parker is an energetic ball of fun. When she first started coming she was the quiet and shy little lady who didn’t know how to play with other dogs but now you can’t slow her down. Her playful attitude always catches the attention of the pack and it doesn’t take her long to make new friends each time she comes to visit. She loves playing fetch and having the pack chase her around the yard. Parker may be a little lady but she knows how to be noticed, nothing seems to slow her down. Her spunky personality and cheerful attitude makes the staff laugh every time she’s in. Parker is the perfect fit for this week’s Dog of the Week.

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Caramel- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

There are always those sweetheart and happy-go-lucky dogs but there is only one Caramel. A bubbly little lady who has been coming to the kennel for a long time and we are always so excited when she comes. Not only is she great at snuggling but loves to play fetch and play. The other dogs have a hard time keeping up with her while they are chasing the ball and a favorite thing is to see who can keep up. She is one of the first dogs to come up to greet us and is also a great little lady to help those nervous new-comers on their first day. She is sweet and affectionate with that perfect amount of spunk. When it comes to the Dog of the Week Caramel is the perfect fit!

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Sami- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Sami is a giant teddy bear who loves to give the staff cuddles, and get all of our attention. She is one of the best dogs to have in with any shy or nervous dogs because she plays well with anyone and will approach them in a kind manner. You can really tell she loves her time here at daycare, whenever she walks in the door she’s so happy and she can’t help but bounce around. We aren’t sure which she likes more; playing with the dogs or giving us cuddles. We always look forward to seeing Sami. We are just as excited to get her cuddles as she is to get ours. Sami has surely stolen Dog of the Week right out of our hearts!

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Dexter- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Sweet hearted and well mannered, this gentleman really knows how to make friends. Dexter is a regular face here at the kennel and has easily won the hearts of the staff and his lady-dog friends. While he enjoys playing fetch, wrestling with his good buddies is more his style of playing. He is one of our favorite dogs to use when introducing a new dog to the pack and he does the job with flying colours. With a new year Dexter is the perfect rock star to start us off for Dog of the Week!

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