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Archie- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Archie- Woofy World Kennels Dog of the Week

Have you ever heard of the Princess and the Frog, a story of Prince charming who was turned into a frog. Will if there was a story of him turning into a dog this handsome fellow would be the perfect match. Archie may be one of the smallest dogs that visits but he has one of this biggest personalities. Charming, playful and full of spunk, he really knows how to impress the ladies. He is a staff favorite not only for how cute he is but also because he is so fun to play with. Always happy to chase the other dogs around and play fetch (even if the ball is almost the same size as he is). This little Prince Charming has won the hearts of the staff as well as the pack; he is a perfect fit for Dog of the Week.

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