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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Brad Pattison (At the end of my leash and Puppy SOS) is holding a Seminar on Sat. Sept 29th/2012 and Street Safety Training class on Sun Sept 30th/2012 if anyone is interested in these. email:info@okanagandog.com, ph:250-859-1889.
Their Facebook Add
Again if do end up attending please let us know how it was by leaving a comment.
Thank you.

Dog whisper, Cesar Millan, is in town in November. You can read all about it at this link.
Cesar whispers to your dog
If you end up going please leave a comment to let us know how it was.
Thank you.


The kids start the day with Mom supervising breakfast

Dogs Eating
Then off to school they go.

Everyone has an assigned seat in the classroom..
Dogs in Class
After resting up, they’re ready for some fun.
Where’s Waldo is their favourite game.

Dogs playing Walddo

Before you know it, everyone is tired out.
Dogs having a nap
When the kids get home from their busy school day, it’s time for a bath..
Then they dry off before bedtime.

Dogs drying
Put a smile on your face,
And a song in your heart!

Dog Licking Cat

Cat Sleeping on Mouse

Dog in bowl

Cat Sleeping on Twine

Dog Sleeping with cat

Cat hiding behind dog's leg

Roti's in a Trunk



$16.00 TUESDAY
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